AmberGrant July Qualification Winner

August 20th, 2016 - NAJMTEK is the July Qualification Amber Grant Winner.

About 2 weeks ago WomensNet announced their July finalists. Today at NAJMTEK, we are thrilled and so excited to declare that our company, and his CEO Sophie Ennadi, are the July Qualification Grant winner!

It will be helpful for us to showcase our product and make people aware of the benefits they can have using this wonderful device called UBOOK, and in all areas! Even if we planned to target first the special need education market, and especially people having dyslexia, UBOOK can be used in a lot of various areas from medicine and science, to technology and design, through entertainement and education, but this is not all.


So let's do it! Think about what you will be able to do with such an amazing device, things that you are not able to do yet! Imagine how many lifes can be changed with this device.

Did you know that, in the US, 1 out of 5 school-aged children is struggling at school because of Dyslexia? This is really a huge number! People having dyslexia are more than 500 millions worldwide! And it doesn't mean being stupid. It just means that you need to ba taught in a way you can understand! This is exactly what UBOOK will do: help each people to learn in a way that is more convenient for them, and without adding any extra work on the teachers, who are already overwhelmed!

You can be part of this change by acting now! No money needed  - even if you can donate also if you want!
We just need a few seconds of your time to support us, and help us win the biggest annual grant! We simply need your vote! Two clicks, a few seconds and you can help change millions of life! Nothing more, nothing less!

Cast your vote here :

When you will be on the page, just click on the little pink arrow that's pointing up on the left of the blue star.

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