Ubook ConceptThe complete hardware to software solution


UbookUBOOK concept is based on six essentials facts:

  1. Touch technology is here to stay and grow
  2. Green laptop technology is in its early stages and can be improved
  3. Laptops are parts of our daily lives. We need them for our professionnals tasks, as well for our entertainement and to support our routines
  4. Laptops needs to evolve from their current state to become more dynamic, more comfortable, more intuitive and easy to use for everyone
  5. Applications software should be at the core of multitouch laptops developement
  6. Everybody should be able to own a high-performing, efficient and innovative laptop at an affordable price.


NAJMTEK's suite includes a highly functional and adaptive hardware, an operating system, a SDK for programs / apps.

The UBOOK looks and feels like an ultra-light laptop, has the mobility and the convenience of a tablet, is easy to clean and remains infinitely and instantly transformable and customizable to fit all the user needs.  NAJMTEK's All-In-One multi-touch machine also includes features such as multilanguagemulti-functionnal keyboard, a graphic tablet enabling users to work directly on the screen independant of, or in tandem with, the keyboard.

This machine also runs Windows and Linux programs. UBOOK is a single hardware tool enabling optimal mobility and infinite adaptability with its own on-line applications store and software development kit (SDK). 

Today, our hardware, software and SDK has been used to create an enhanced learning tool for those with dyslexia, and tomorrow, it can be turned into an ultrasound machine, an EKG machine, a diagramming or designing tool, a notepad or most any other business or personal tool imaginable.


ONE device, INFINITE possibility!