Hardware to Software Solutionthe virtualization of external devices!



The software is another key aspect of the full concept UBOOK, which is to virtualize external devices into software applications.

The multitouch input screen replacing the standard physical keyboard is a huge strength, and helps us to provide a robust offering with high-growth potential.

We have created a new laptop, called UBOOK, as Universal NoteBOOK, in which everything is only software! With these softwares, users can do anything.


You can imagine all kinds of applications for this laptop, from business to hobbies including education or daily tasks: mixing console for DJs, games using the tactile screen to interact on the display screen, business applications like trading software or digital signature, and so many others...

You, and other final users, can set your own preferences and customize the keyboard and other applications directly with the embedded software, NAJMSOFT. You can also add some new buttons or shortkeys, as on a tablet or smartphone, and save them for the next time. Each user profile can easily bring back the associated custom keyboard and applications, as soon as he/she will work on the laptop.

Standard Keyboard  Customized Keyboard Windows 8 Keyboard


Even though the multitouch input screen provides a new way to use the laptop, UBOOK remains a familiar object. It can be used in an easier way than before for all your daily tasks, and for a better and more intuitive use of applications and softwares.


The NAJMSOFT (NS) provides you:

- a multilanguage, multifunction and multi accessories keyboard: at any time, you can switch between the different languages, softwares, accessories of your notebook, without turning off your computer, simply by pressing on its respective keyboard shortkey.

- an important number of applications which are using the multitouch screen and the front screen of UBOOK

- a fully customizable Notebook! Everyone can configure its keyboard and interfaces according to his/her needs and wishes.


For ONE SINGLE UBOOK manufactured on one single line of production,
you will have UNLIMITED WAYS to set it, and make it the laptop of your dreams !


The software is really a strength and offers a possibility of development that is very important. So you can imagine a lot of very useful applications in large and various areas, like in medical field, education, 3D softwares, games, and military... Here are only some examples of what is possible to create:

najmsoft concept

NAJMTEK is going to provide you a new way to use many applications. Many of them will be available at launch. Users will create the others and share them with other UBOOK users!