Millions of apps availableAll you need in a single place!

The online store NAJMSTORE is the first download platform especially dedicated to applications optimized for multitouch input screen laptops, as most accessories are now converted into software applications: mouse, tablet graphic, DJ, phone, piano, and more.


The UBOOK is not only a laptop integrating a brand new innovation through its input touch screen. It also gives the opportunity to developers and to people having some skills in development to imagine and create their own applications.

Najmstore AppsThe online store NAJMSTORE will welcome all the applications developed with our free SDK. On NAJMSTORE, you will share your applications with others for free or paid, and you will also have immediate access to thousands and thousands of useful apps optimized for UBOOK .

All you need to optimize or improve your everyday laptop use is on the store. Just choose the one that fits your needs and download it instantly!


The main advantages of a multitouch laptop application platform:

  • Applications for "touch-phones" or "touch-tablets" already exists. Most of them can be adapted to our laptop, so NAJMSTORE already has a strong catalog to propose to its customers.
  • The possibilities of evolution and developments are limitless, only limited by the creativity of the final user, and Najmtek will continue each year to offer technological improvements. Each user will continue to develop what he/she thinks is useful in regard.
  • The platform is open to anyone willing to develop and share applications.


What differs us from the others?

Our willingness to ease your life and your everyday tasks professionally or personally.

The multitouch technology will not only make your life easy, but will also bring more versatility and intuitiveness to one of the most important tools in your life !