SDK - Software Development Kit

Create your own appand share them on the store!

The SDK is the third key aspect of the full concept UBOOK, which is to virtualize external devices into software applications.

Najm SDK


If you can't find the right application on the NAJMSTORE, feel free to express your creativity with the Software Developement Kit (SDK) especially designed for UBOOK. It will be available free-of-charge for all users on the online store and will allow you, editors, developers, or simple users with some skills in development, to imagine, create, and share your own applications adapted for the multitouch screen laptop.

The NAJM SDK will provide a professional-grade development environment for building UBOOK apps. It's a full C++ IDE package with advanced features that will help you build, test, debug, and package your applications dedicated to the multitouch input screen laptop.

The NAJM SDK is a comprehensive set of tools providing a development platform that is simple, intuitive and dynamic, with an efficient interface, just like the UBOOK. If you are an iOS developer or an Android developer, it is possible to convert your existing applications quickly, so that you will not have any problem using our platform.