Ubook Multilanguage

More than 140 different keyboards!A unique keyboard for dyslexia!

The touchscreen keyboard integrated in this new laptop, and managed by an embedded software, is able to display an AZERTY, QWERTY, Latin, Cyrillic or any other keyboard with special characters.


Arabic Keyboard     English Keyboard    Russian Keyboard

 arabic keyboard                           -                               qwerty keyboard                          -                           russian keyboard

You can switch between more than 140 languages keyboards when you are writing, simply by clicking on the dedicated shortkey, without shutting down your computer.
Sending an e-mail in Russian, then another one in Japanese, and a third one in English becomes possible and really easy to do with UBOOK.

In addition, you will find the specific font especially designed for dyslexia, a font for a neurological language, the oldest language of the world, that will help people having dyslexia learn, work, and communicate with others without dyslexia in the way.Dyslexia