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UBOOK enhances the way we work!

With UBOOK, a collaborative and intuitive interaction is created between and among users and devices, supporting the requirement of the Industrial and Medical Internet of Thing (MIOT and IIOT). With the versatility of the hardware, the operating system and the SDK, UBOOK can be transformed from one virtual machine to another with a simple touch of a button. Any industries can develop their own applications and thanks to UBOOK, your work efforts will decrease and your productivity will INCREASE!

UBOOK changes the way we teach and learn!

With UBOOK teach everythig from Preschool to Postgraduate programs and much more. UBOOK features a unique and proprietary font - the first ever neurological “sign alphabet” - that can be universally read by those with learning disability (such as dyslexia) in the system’s keyboard options, as well as assistive apps that rewire the brain with long-lasting techniques. While other current technologies are simply short-term solutions, UBOOK is a long-term solution.

UBOOK is the doctor’s preferred laptop!

As an amazing and innovative medical device, UBOOK can be used anywhere in the world, to perform basic and complex tests on patient at a reduced cost, even in rural areas, where access to medical care is often limited. UBOOK can be turned into an ultrasound machine or an EKG machine with a simple touch of a button. It can be used to check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, perform x-rays and more! Then using the telemedicine, all results can be analyzed and read by doctors all around the world and diagnosis will be more efficient and accurate.

Modern & Flexible

UBOOK is the first of its kind ALL-IN-ONE ADAPTIVE laptop!


Incredibly powerful interface device, easy to use, more efficient, with effective controls. The more you use it, the more you love it!


Display your favorite language keyboard, may it be Azerty, Qwerty, Cyrillic, or any other keyboard with specific characters.


Access the useful functionalities you may need every day by a single press on the shortkeys.


Get all the useful and varied accessories, such as a graphic tablet, a piano, a machine command tool or any other accessory at your fingertip!


Imagine, Create, Organize your own keyboard, the way you want it to be, with all the shortkeys you need, colors, back-ground…


Improve your working convenience and productivity, energy consumption, building management and much more.


Intel CPU


512 Go


14.1 inch

12.1 inch


USB 3.0

mini HDMI

6000 mAh

“I can see a tremendous potential for the evolution and simplification of industry segment applications via Najmtek technologies.”
David Croslin
Former Chief Technologist at Hewlett-Packard
“Our design team uses the Wacom digital graphic pen tablets and the idea of having that integrated directly into the computer is really exciting. This is such exciting technology!”
Emily Benjamin
Brand Strategist and Copywriter at BrandDNAinc
“I have already two ideas for your technology. The first is that there is a military application for this [...]. The Department of Defense might be very interested.”
Peter Darling
Marketing, Business Development and Strategy Professional

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If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

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